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Hume International, established in 1997, has a proud heritage originating in animal husbandry, evolving into retail, wholesale, direct imports and distribution across Southern Africa. The BBBEE accredited company is one of the largest importers of frozen food-based commodities in South Africa, importing more than 180 million kg of frozen product per year.

Hume International deals with various national and international retailers as well as independent retail chain stores, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, informal customers and the food service industry throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

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Frozen Veg

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Poultry makes up a large portion of our annual trade. We ensure that we work only with suppliers who comply with and maintain the highest hygiene standards throughout the entire production process.

Lean pork is high in protein and rich in many vitamins and minerals. Pork produces a relatively small carbon footprint. In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, producing pork is easier on the environment than people are.

Beef is a rich source of nutrients and high-quality protein. At Hume International we ensure that we procure our beef from sustainable sources.

Scientists use a technique called Life Cycle Analysis to calculate the environmental impact of different meats. Farming systems will affect these figures, which should be monitored to ensure the production of eco-friendly meat. As sheep are herbivores and need to graze, they are costly to rear. Their meat is therefore considered exclusive.

Ocean fishing is one of the last frontiers of harvesting wild protein for both human and animal consumption. Midwater trawling is the least invasive fishing method, as the nets do not destroy the sensitive bottom strata. Hume International chooses to participate in sustainable seafood purchases.

Dairy is considered to be nutrient-rich, because it is a good source of calcium and vitamin D.

Nutritionists encourage a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, typically recommending five or more portions daily. Less chemicals are used on organic crops, leaving the soil healthier, water sources and air cleaner. Therefore organic fruits and vegetables are not only healthier to eat but also benefit the environment.

Natural hog and sheep casings:
These products are used by manufacturers in the production of sausages i.e. boerewors, beef, pork, russians, etc. Material is sourced from only carefully selected suppliers in Europe and China, in line with our aim to have a variety of finished products available to suit the needs of all our customers, both in quality and price. These products are sold per bundle, with an average of two hundred and fifty bundles per barrel, and will be offered in various sizes and lengths.

Collagen casings:
These serve as a partial replacement for sheep casings, which have become very expensive over the last few years. Material sourced from China is currently being trialled and will be used primarily in the manufacture of viennas, frankfurters, bockwurst, etc.

Cellulose casings (peeler casings):
These are used in the manufacture of skinless sausages, where the skin is removed from the sausage before being packaged for retail e.g. viennas, frankfurters etc. Material from China as well as South America have been trialled with great success.

Our intention is to offer high quality products that exceed customer requirements, at a competitive price, both ex stock (for the smaller customers), as well as direct shipment (for larger customers). Most of the ground work has been done – reliable supplier relationships have been established and strict product specification requirements have been met.