Hume International Coldstore and Distribution Centre

Hume International is proud to announce the opening of a state of the art, EU standard, negative temperature, commercial cold storage and distribution facility.

This facility was developed as a result of the lack of import/export approved commercial cold-storage facilities in the Eastern Cape. The Hume International Coldstore and Distribution Centre is the only frozen commodity, import and export approved commercial cold-storage facility in the Eastern Cape and is built in accordance with globally recognised energy efficient and green technology. The storage facility is equipped with the latest, modern mobile racking system which enables the efficient storage, picking and dispatching of product as well as facilitating the accurate traceability of stock.

With NCRS Approval (Approved for the export of fish and fish products), as well as approval for meat and dairy products and an ISO 22000 Food Safety System Certification, the Hume International Coldstore and Distribution Centre now positions Port Elizabeth, for the first time, as a viable export hub for frozen fish, meat and dairy commodities. This creates a significant opportunity for local industry, SME's and HDI's (Historically Disadvantaged Individuals) who previously had to utilise the Cape Town and Durban ports to access international markets, therefore significantly lowering the cost of entry on opportunities abroad.

Situated in the Greenbushes Industrial Estate, the development has convenient access to the N2 and Port Elizabeth Harbours and carries a full range of poultry, cost effectively imported directly through the local ports making them extremely competitive in the wholesale market.

In summary, this facility has the following accreditations:

  • - DAFF Certificate - Vet Import and Export Approved Facility
  • - PPECB accreditation
  • - ISO 22000 Food Safety System approved.
  • - NRCS Certificate of Approval - for storage and handling of fish and Fish products

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